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Joanne. 20. Montréal. Habs .Hockey is my escape. JT60, JG26 & CP31.

"Go get it, it's your time to shine." - Luc Bourdon.

RIP [#28 LB - #37 DS - #94 DB - #37 RR - #3 WB - #11 AG - LOKOMOTIV]

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Teen quotes


Teen quotes

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hockey text posts

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abickell: First time watching daddy on ice. #biggestfan ❤️ @bbickell


abickellFirst time watching daddy on ice. #biggestfan ❤️ @bbickell

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Even if you can’t donate - please help share this everywhere, this is Mike’s first goal for raising money for my medical care. I’m 16 and I want my life back, please help.

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